Mr Srinivas Samsani

MS Orth PGI, FRCS, FRCS, FRCS Tr & Orth.
MSc Trauma, Dip Orth London.
Hip and Knee Fellow, Melbourne Australia.

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
Specialisation: Knee and Hip Surgery

Computer Assisted Knee Replacement

Long term success after total knee replacement depends on several factors. It is generally assumed that one of the critical factors for long term success is proper positioning of the prosthesis. The main objective of computer assisted knee replacement surgery is to combine the precision and accuracy of computers with the skill of the Surgeon to align and position the components of the knee replacement correctly during surgery.

Mr Samsani was trained in computer assisted surgery of the knee and hip at Austin Health Medical Centre in Melbourne Australia under the supervision of world famous Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr Neil Bergman. Since his appointment as substantive Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at Medway NHS Foundation Trust Gillingham Kent England in 2006, he has performed hundreds of computer assisted knee and hip replacement procedures.

What is computer assisted (navigated) knee replacement?

In computed assisted knee replacement probes are anchored to the bones of the leg to help proper positioning of the knee replacement prosthesis. These probes are detected by an infrared camera which is connected to a computer. With the help of the information provided by the Surgeon during the operation the computer generates an electronic model of the knee joint by sensing the position of these probes on the leg. The computer then helps guide your Surgeon to implant the knee replacement prosthesis in correct alignment and position.

What are the benefits of computer assisted knee replacement?

One of the important aspects of knee replacement is to position the prosthesis in the correct position and alignment. Incorrectly positioned knee replacement can result in early failure due to excessive wear and loosening of the prosthesis. It is widely believed that improving the position of the knee replacement prosthesis will improve the long term success of the knee replacement. Computer assisted surgery is one of the modern technical developments to improve the positioning of knee replacement prosthesis and thereby improving the long term success.

Currently there is no evidence to suggest that computer assisted knee replacement is better than a conventional knee replacement in improving long term outcomes. At present the majority of Surgeons around the world use conventional techniques to perform knee replacement surgery with great success.

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